Here's a collection of woodcut style illustrations that I did in the first few years of my career.  Woodcut was all the rage back in the early '90s. By the turn of the century, I was increasingly competing with clip art in the icon and spot illustration niche. It's popularity then waned for a decade or so, maybe due to market saturation. Lately it's making a comeback as the appetite for handhewn art cycles back around.
This was used in my first promotional mailer. I looked up designers and ad agencies in the yellowpages to create a mailing list. How times have changed!
Developing skill in the craft and building a portfolio were my initial goals.
This series of Roman themed images for Jupiter was one of my earliest jobs, and gave me hope that I could actually make a living doing what I loved.
Scene for Compass Cafe to promote their outdoor garden dining experience.
Nationwide Insurance
Legacy Health System

Originally a mural for the Pape Group, I inserted my profile into the image and made a postcard for self promotion.  
Can you find me in there?  Zooming may help.
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